Meet The Band: The Marmozets

The Marmozets story is of how two sets of siblings battled together to fully deserve their reputation as one of Britain’s brightest new hopes. Already being tipped for the top, the band’s growing reputation was underlined by their recent closing night headline set on the Glastonbury BBC Introducing stage. This week the band released their long-awaited debut album ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’.

Produced by former Hundred Reasons guitarist Larry Hibbitt, the album emphasises Marmozets’ growing skill in developing a broad range of styles, including the punk rock assault of ‘Cover Up’, and ‘Born Young And Free’, the brooding dynamic contrasts which feature on ‘Captivate You’, the visceral aggression of ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ and the soaring progressive epic ‘Cry’. In essence the album captures the riotous energy of their live show with complex melodies, compelling vocals and massive riffs.

The latest single to be taken from the album is ‘Born Young and Free’ which showcases their fiery spirited attitude.

Comprising of Becca MacIntyre (vocals), her siblings Sam (guitar) and Josh (drums), as well as the Bottomley brothers Jack and Will (on guitar and bass respectively), Marmozets have a relentless work ethic which has seen them dedicate their entire lives (albeit very young lives!) to the band. Music college wasn’t an option and there was never a Plan B. Their future could only be Marmozets.

Prior to their recent Cardiff date, guitarist Jack Bottomley recently answered questions poised by Andy Howells: 

You originally came together in 2007. Has your journey to the release of your debut album been a long one for you?
Well I guess it does feel like it's been a long time looking back on it. But we take every day as it comes. We've always known it takes years to get anywhere in music, usually anyway, but it's all been about timing for us, climbing the ladder etc. can't wait for it to be out!

When did you decide you wanted to form a band?
The second I saw The White Stripes play in Blackpool. It was my first show and it blew my mind. Me and my brother started jamming in our bedroom. He was probably about 8 years old then haha.

Your band is made up of siblings is there much in the way of rivalry with each other when it comes to determining the bands sound?
Not at all, we all go for the same sound. We know what it sounds like when we get it. It's just getting it sometimes. We've only ever worked with each other so it's all we know.

What is your favourite track on the new album and why?
It's a tough one, I could say hit the wave because i play a guitar solo in it, which hasn't ever happened on Marmozets track before, but that'd be silly. Either that or weird and wonderful or vibe tech. It's so varied and mixed it's hard to pick a favourite for myself. I tend to like different ones when I'm in different moods or what ever. Depends on the vibes.

What was it like playing Glastonbury’s BBC Introducing Stage?
It was surreal! We were so excited to play. It's not everyday you get to headline a stage at Glasto' it was a crazy day.

What can fans expect from your forthcoming Cardiff Show?
Madness! We can't wait for this upcoming tour. It'll be a great night with great bands. Lonely the brave and allusondrugs are both awesome in their own unique way which will make this more than interesting!

Where can fans find out the latest news about you? or for album stream.

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