Review: Young Venture Players – Aida, Dolman Theatre, Newport

Elton John and Tim Rice’s Disney musical Aida is probably best remembered for an elaborate soundtrack album featuring the likes of Sting, Leanne Rimes and Lenny Kravitz. It is therefore an interesting choice for Young Venture Players Director Gordon Collins and Musical Director Kathy Robins to present.

Thrown back to the golden sunset days of Ancient Egypt the story finds Captain Radames and his minions returning from an expedition of Nubia where they have captured several slaves. One slave girl, Aida, catches Radames eye. She is feisty as well as beautiful and soon causes a stir among the Egyptians, becoming the unwitting third party in a relationship between Radames and his bride to be Princess Amneris. However, Aida has a secret of her own as she is the Princess of Nubia.

Ruby Davies gives a heartfelt and feisty performance as the heroine of the piece, delivering stand out performances on the songs The Past Is Another Land and Easy As Life. Megan Postle also gives a standout performance as Princess Amneris her high point been the song I Know The Truth following the discovery of Radames indiscretion.

James Price commands a strong stage presence as the loyal Mereb while Lewis Mitchell and Sam Williams succeed in displaying the strained relationship between father and son Radames and Zoser. Perhaps the strongest moment in the production is the performance of The Gods Love Nubia where every member of the ensemble cast unites to give a powerful delivery of the song to the backdrop of magnificent musical accompaniment.

  • Aida continues until Saturday.