Eliza Doolittle Discusses Her Album In Your Hands

Following the release of her brand new album In Your Hands, pop sensation, Eliza Doolittle took time out to chat with Andy Howells…

Its been a while since the release of your self-titled first album, was it a hard album to follow?You know what, I just didn’t think about it, always writing and making music, just let this new album spill out of me!

You’ve been touring again over the Summer was it good performing live again?
Yeh, we’ve done a few spot dates here and there and it’s been amazing! I’m really looking forward to getting on the road properly again! Doing shows every night and playing the new music to as many people as possible!

What was your highlight while performing live?
The whole thing is a crazy thrill! My favourite thing is when you can feel the connection with the audience and you can feel the energy in the room as each word is being anticipated! Especially with the new music!

What was the inspiration behind your new album In Your Hands?
This whole album really honestly tells the story of the past couple of years in my world. I just wanted to write everyday and truly document my heart, mind and the battles I’ve had with myself in love and life. It’s full of stories and moments that I’ll never forget.

Whats the track your most proud of on the album and why?
Well, i wrote over 100 songs for this record so the 13 songs that made the cut really all mean a lot to me. it’s so hard to pick a favourite. I end up mentioning one and then saying “but oh no this one and then wait there’s that one..” and before you know it I’ve gone on and on about the whole album !

What can we expect from Eliza Doolittle in the future?
Me, singing my heart out, forever and ever… amen!

And finally what was the first ever record you bought?
I remember it well…heading to the Tower Records on Camden High St and taking Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope off the shelf. I don’t know how many dance routines i made up to that album ! 🙂

  • A version of this article by Andy Howells appeared in The South Wales Argus entertainment supplement The Guide during October, 2013.