Review: Robot Wars 2014, Newport Centre

10 months after their last visit, Robot Wars was back at Newport Centre over the weekend for further demonstrations in robotic style, aggression and total damage.

Fun was certainly the order of the day as Sunday afternoon’s show commenced featuring audience participation from the offset as a series of contests ensued in the Robot Wars Arena testing the agility and strength of heavyweight and lightweight contestants.

The audience roared with delight as robots such as Saint, Rattler, Ripper, Megamouse, Cherub and DTK   attacked each other with spikes, flippers and flames. Long standing favourites Major Damage and Matilda (a fierce weapon with a chainsaw for a bottom), were on hand to deliver their own style of Robot Wars carnage.

The audience  witnessed  contestants  getting thrown into the pit, been smashed to smithereens and even been set on fire, of course  no-one got hurt, except maybe the robot operator’s pride and even they took it all in good part as its all intrinsic to the fun of the show!

There was also a special appearance from Star Wars’ R2D2 who offered his own opinion as to which robot team would win in the ultimate face off between Ripper and Megamouse. R2D2 even delighted fans by posing for photographs with fans in the shows interval.

All in all, Robot Wars remains great fun for all the family retaining the essence of energy and adrenaline that made the original TV series so much fun, be sure to see it live if you get the opportunity!

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