Bringing Back 60s Sounds – Tom Harding of Union Gap UK Interview

Andy Howells meets Tom Harding of The Union Gap UK ahead of the bands appearance on The Sensational 60s tour which comes to Cardiff on November 25.

Tom Harding and his band The Union Gap UK have remained one of the most successful 60s tribute bands on the circuit, so much so, they now perform alongside some of the original acts from the era.

“I was asked to join 20 years ago,” says Tom, who performed as a member of The Honeybus for several years “it was an existing project, then one or two line up changes along the way, but it’s gone from strength to strength.”

Although The Union Gap UK have a diverse set list, their main specialty is recreating the hits of American band The Union Gap, who with lead singer Gary Puckett scored several UK chart hits in the late 1960s with songs Young Girl and Lady Willpower.

“We try to recreate as faithfully as possible all the orchestral sounds as well as the sounds on record,” Tom continues, “vocally; I just try and do my best.”

A working knowledge of Gary Puckett’s work has helped the band gain a large following on the 1960s circuit, “He’s got a voice to die for. I try to put my little bit on to it and it seems to be well received. People are commenting they enjoy the songs we perform and the way they are recreated and hopefully people go away for many years to come thinking the same way.”

The Union Gap UK will be playing St David’s Hall, Cardiff on November 25 alongside Herman’s Hermits, Dave Berry, The Ivy League and The Swinging Blue Jeans. Tony cites a strong format as part of the shows success. “The songs and the approachability of everybody after the show goes a long way,” he says, “The audiences are getting to meet and greet with the artists after every show that we do. All the bands are more than happy to stand there and have a chat. The songs that are performed are really strong songs; there isn’t a bad song amongst it.”

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