Happy To Be A Saturdays Girl – Mollie King Interview

Mollie King of The Saturdays
Back in Summer 2014, Andy Howells chatted to Mollie King of The Saturdays as the band released their Greatest Hits album and announced their UK tour which included a date at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena on September 18.

Few bands reach the pinnacle of having a Greatest Hits album while still planning a future together but in the case of The Saturdays they are taking the opportunity to tour with their Greatest Hits

“We’ve had 17 singles up until now,“ says Mollie King, “and we thought “right, we need to put these on one CD and just give it back to the fans.” They’ve been asking us for a Greatest Hits for a while. We wanted it to tie in with our tour as well so it all seemed to come together at the right point.” 

Bucking the trend by releasing the collection at the height of their career, The Saturdays Greatest Hits is far from a farewell and more of a celebration. “Everyone assumes that the Greatest Hits means it’s the end,” continues Mollie, “we’re going to keep going and put another new album out at the end of the year. There is no rest!”

The Saturdays Frankie Bridge, Una Foden, Rochelle Humes, Vanessa White and Mollie King came together in 2007 and supported Girls Aloud on their Tangled tour before releasing their debut hit If This Is Love. Several hits have followed including last years Number One What About us with Sean Paul. “It was just incredible,” says Mollie, “it was the biggest party ever! We had all our family and friends there. I just couldn’t believe it when they told us we were number one because so many times we’ve come so close.” 

Been in the music business has always been Mollie’s dream since childhood, even when she was pursuing one of her other talents, skiing professionally for Great Britain. “I totally did love it, racing for the country and travelling around everywhere but it was singing I used to go to bed dreaming of every night rather than winning the Olympics,” confesses Mollie, “ I thought if I’m dreaming of performing at Wembley rather than winning the Olympics I need to make a swift change.“ 

Does Mollie regret not pursuing her sporting career? “I’ve never really had regrets,” she says, “ I think my parents had worries about me giving it up because I was in the team and doing quite well, but as soon as they saw me get into The Saturdays they knew how much I loved it.” 

The Saturdays

Seven years on and The Saturdays are the most popular girl band in the country and show no signs of slowing down. Mollie is sure the fans will love every moment of their live show. “It’s going to be an absolutely massive night out,” she says, “a really good party and a celebration of all of our singles. You won’t really need to have bought the album because you’ll know all the words to the songs, there’s going to be loads of glitz and glamour costume changes. Its going to be a full on party show!” 

I ask Mollie if she has any unfulfilled ambitions. “I’m so ambitious there’s so much I’d like to do,” she replies, “ I’d like to put another album out with the girls and keep doing all my fashion stuff because I have a fashion line with Oasis, so to juggle them is the best thing I could wish for.” 

Is there any inclination for Mollie to move on to any solo projects at any point? “I love song writing and go into the studio every now and again and write a few songs but at the moment solo isn’t really on my mind,” she says, “I’m just really focused on The Saturdays and want to keep going with that really.” 

  • A version of Andy Howells’ interview with Mollie King of The Saturdays was originally published in The South Wales Argus entertainment supplement The Guide during August 2014.
  • For more information on The Saturdays visit The Saturdays official website

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