CD Review: Foreverly by Billie Joe and Norah

Foreverly arrived on the review desk before Christmas 2013 and inevitably before the passing of Phil Everly, so although it was recorded as a tribute by Billy Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones it will no doubt take on an ever deeper meaning now to those who hear it.

Fans of The Everly Brothers will no doubt recognise many of the songs featured on Foreverly from the Everly’s album Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.

It’s fair to say that both Norah and Billy Joe haven’t strayed to far from the arrangements of the The Everly’s. A good or bad thing?

Undoubtedly it would have been nice to have heard a more originality from the featured artists but an Everly Brothers tribute is long overdue and can only serve to introduce another generation of fans to their music.

  • This review by Andy Howells was originally featured in The South Wales Argus entertainment supplement The Guide during January 2013

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