Review: Top Hat, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Top Hat tells the story of Broadway sensation Jerry Travers who dances his way across Europe to win the heart of society girl Dale Tremont, and throughout the whole show it proved to be an uplifting and hilarious romantic comedy which celebrated 1930s song, style and romance.

The two leads, Alan Burkitt and Charlotte Gooch were outstanding, and both made the roles their own. I didn’t once think of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as they were dancing around the stage. They were supported by Clive Hayward, Rebecca Thornhill, Sebastien Torkia and John Conroy who provided many a comedic moment.

The fabulous ensemble cast were outstanding in bringing the big song and dance numbers to life while the multi-faceted set  helped the musical flow effortlessly from one scene to the other and the lighting all helped to convey you a different place.

Top Hat was certainly worth the trip out on a wintry evening and helped you forget the dark wet journey home that was awaiting you at the end of the show. The show runs until January 24, visit for ticket details.

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