Meet The Band: Demob Happy

Brighton’s finest new purveyors of raucous, off-kilter garage rock, Demob Happy follow their triumphant 2014 debut single Succubus with powerful new cut, Young & Numb, due for release later this year via the bands own Milk Parlour records.

Fusing their natural affinity to relentless chord-thrashing with a fondness for melodic undertone and bold dynamic shifts, Young & Numb comes laced with feedback and fuzz. Lyrically, meanwhile, the track is less the nihilistic stoner manifesto that its namesake could allude to, and more a vicious rumination on the dazed efforts made to drag knowledge and meaning from the bedlam of youth.

A headline tour through last October saw Demob Happy leave the UK’s small venues broken and beaten, when, upon their return, The Guardian’s Single Of The Week heralded their debut single, Succubus as “a joyride through rock’s sleazier back alleys”. Their live show is heralded as a whirlwind of energy and chaos, always handsomely toeing the line between dexterity and disarray.

Catch the four-piece on tour through March and April 2015, which also marks their first venture into Europe before they descend upon the UK.

How did you come together?
We’re just four best friends who enjoy mutually coming together in small rooms over guitars and drums, and on the road over people who’ve paid to see us.

Where are you from?
We live in Brighton, but were from Newcastle, and Wales is our favourite place to write music. Carmarthen has good water and good milk.

How would you describe your music style?
Its really a simple winning formula, just super catchy up-beat pop rock that mums and sisters alike can enjoy.

What’s been your best live experience?
Our best gig by a long shot was performing at Alan Shearer’s annual summer fete to raise funds for keen, yet under-privileged inner-city telemarketers at the Newcastle metro arena.

Where can people hear your music?
People can hear our music by stealing their Grandma’s 3.6 GHZ Macbook pro and typing into the internet address bar –

Where can we see you live?
We’re about to set off on a world tour of the UK and Europe. the closest gig to South Wales being at the Louisiana, Bristol on March 29th. Thanks for having us!

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