Review: Robot Wars 2015, Newport Centre

New episodes of Robot Wars may have been off our TV screens for 14 years but as the audiences gathered at Newport Centre for the beginning of the 2015 tour there was evidence that the live show inspired by the series has a life of its own.

The Robot Wars 2015 tour commenced here in Newport with two live shows on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon and there was much to enjoy for all the family. Home-constructed featherweight and heavyweight robots doing battle not just with each other but also the arena dome that not only fires flames at the remote controlled participants but is also liable to spring them into the air. To add to the drama house robots including the hammer-wielding Major Damage and Matilda (a frightening female with a chainsaw for a backside) then wade in and start throwing their heavy-metal about.

Live show presenters Chris and Trevor do much in the way to encourage audience participation from foot stomping and yelling to splitting half the audience into rival teams. Among this year’s  highlights were both presenters build robots to do battle in the team featherweight round, which saw the debut appearance of new House Robot Olly who fired paint-balls at the robots.

Of course, the audience, young and old lapped up every thrill and spill with an adrenaline rush enthusiasm that no-one wanted to end, proving that Robot Wars still rules in the field of Family Entertainment.

Check out for updates on further live shows and how to get in on the action of building your own robot.

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