Eggsy Discusses Goldie Lookin Chain’s Greatest Hits 2

Goldie Lookin Chain are back for 2015 with a UK tour this summer and the sequel to the third best Greatest Hits compilation ever released.

Back in 2004, GLC put out the multi-platinum Greatest Hits and now ten years (and a bit) on they have released the imaginatively titled Greatest Hits 2 which contains some of the best Goldie Lookin Chain songs from 2004 to 2014. Greatest Hits 2 includes such classic tracks as YouTube smash hit Fresh Prince of Cwmbran, live classic Time and Space, a drum and bass reworking of Your Missus Is A Nutter and the internet smash Baneswell Express. Andy Howells recently put questions to GLC’s Eggsy about the album.

What brought about Greatest Hits 2?
We’ve been gigging, recording and releasing music every year since the release of the original greatest hits album on Atlantic records back in 2004. The album was a collection of the most popular tunes we had released unofficially through homemade CDs and tapes.
The past ten years has seen another body of work that has been popularised via YouTube and our live shows and we felt it would be great to bundle everything together and get it out there; especially after the response we get from fans online worldwide – one guy in Cambodia was so excited about the album his entire family got GLC tattoos – now that’s dedication.

Will there be any new tracks on the release?
There’s a collection of old classics, tunes that have only ever been performed live and some tunes only ever released as YouTube videos. This means, for a lot of the tracks, this is the first time they are available as an official release either on CD or as a digital download.

What do you think has been GLC’s best track over the years and why?
Everyone who knows the power of the GLC has a different idea of which track they think is the best.
As a member of the band I can never make my mind up. I think my favourite tracks from Greatest Hits 2 are either the Eastenders Rap or Newport BouncersSaying that, I’ll probably change my mind ten minutes from now! I just love writing and recording the tracks and the excitement of performing them live on tour is awesome. It makes me feel like Phil Collins or that fella from One Direction who left to become a full-time teenager.

What has been your best GLC moment?
There have been so many good times over the years, playing the Millennium Stadium, meeting Paul McCartney or hanging out backstage with the likes of Neil Young and Kraftwerk at Bestival.
It all becomes a blur but I think one of the best moments was probably hanging out at Kanye West’s House in LA a few summers ago. We didn’t even go near the studio, for the entire two weeks that we stayed, even though Kanye insisted we try and lay some tracks down. It was so much fun, at one point we had a water fight that lasted two days. We hooked up a 200ft long slip and slide that lead straight into his plunge pool. I don’t care what they say about him being an ill tempered rap midget I genuinely saw the fun side of one of the worlds brightest stars. You can’t buy memories like that. #fact

Are you touring with the new album?
Yes, the tour starts in May. We’re now into rehearsals and dates can be found on Twitter @theglc, our Facebook page goldielookinchain(glc) or the website,

Any other projects on the horizon?
As a band we are getting yet another album together as we speak. There are also some whisperings of a few very interesting side projects but I don’t want to say too much just yet. I do know that all the new stuff we have in the can at the moment is mind blowing, but right now we are focusing on a great new tour and the Greatest Hits 2Get me on that tour bus!

  • For more information on GLC’s forthcoming tour and the new album visit
  • A version of this Q&A by Andy Howells appeared in The South Wales Argus entertainment supplement The Guide on April 17, 2015

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