On Stage: And Then There Were None, New Theatre, Cardiff

Big Brother isn’t such a new concept. Years before reality
TV was putting B-list celebrities into enclosed spaces and jungles while
analysing every characteristic, good or bad of individuals, it had already been
done on the printed page.
Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None even preceded
George Orwell’s 1984 by a decade when it was published in 1939, showcasing the concept of an all-seeing,
all-hearing eye, exposing the hidden truths of characters they would rather others didn’t know about.
This current stage adaptation is a star-studded whodunit which
follows ten individuals that are lured to a secluded island by a mystery host.
After their individual murderous secrets exposed, they are then eliminated one
by one by persons unknown in accordance with the poem Ten Little Soldiers.
Featuring the acting talents of Paul Nicholas, Colin
Buchanan, Susan Penhaligon, Frazer Hines, Mark Curry, Verity Rushworth, Ben
Nealon and Eric Carte, watching the play is like experiencing a classic film brought
to life on the stage. The producers have elected to keep the tale close to the author’s
original intentions by having the characters trapped on a remote island during
the 1930s time period, giving the tale a very authentic feel.
The audience, escaping the onslaught of a heat wave outside Cardiff’s
New Theatre on Tuesday evening still found themselves in a cool environment but
feeling the heat of the excitement as the drama unfolded. Whoops and screams
from the audience occurred as the set went dark and a gun shot was released on

Whodunit? I’m not spoiling the fun! I can only say my first
Agatha Christie experience was an absolute delight to savour! Don’t miss this
chance whatever age you may be to experience And Then There Were None. The production continues at The New Theatre until Saturday

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