CD Review: The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler (20 Year Deluxe Remaster)

David McAlmont and Bernard Butler were probably one of popular musics most underrated and overlooked musical pairings. Following the success of two singles Yes and You Do and 1995’s fabulous debut release The Sound of…McAlmont & Butler the pair pretty much went their separate ways only to reunite briefly a few years later for a second album.

But despite their solo paths moving them into different quarters over the 20 years since those recordings, the magic of McAlmont’s almost angelic vocals alongside Butler’s driven guitar sound when the pair have come together are always a joy to savour.

The Sound of McAlmont and Butler has been reissued on several formats, remastered by Bernard Butler himself, and also features a bonus disc on CD encompassing rare B sides, BBC radio sessions and instrumentals.

Bernard Butler has also prepared a new mix of the albums best track, What’s the Excuse This Time?

Certainly there are no excuses for missing this smart reissue of a Britpop era classic.

McAlmont and Butler are also back on tour and play Bristol’s 02 Academy on November 6.

  • A version of this review appeared in The South Wales Argus entertainment supplement The Guide on October 23, 2015

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