Students Raise RawFfest Awareness

Duffryn High School Year 10 students recently took part in different activities for their Welsh Baccalaureate GCSE by working closely with the New National Youth Arts charity RawFfest.

The students were presented with a challenge; to raise £100 for the charity in 10 hours and also to raise awareness of RawFfest which is planned and programmed by young people showcasing youth arts in Wales.

Duffryn High’s annual sports day took place on June 23 at Spytty Stadium, so the students decided to use this to their advantage and tie it in with their fundraising activities. The group set up stalls selling things such as handcrafted cards and cakes and organised fundraising activities to take part in such as Name the Bear, flag painting and a raffle.

Working on areas such as promotion, marketing, planning, fundraising, event set up and creating the activities that were fun, relevant and interesting, the Welsh Baccalaureate students beat their target, raising £120 for RawFfest with one student, Vassna Willcock raising a considerable amount by doing a sponsored quad bike race.

“As RawFfest is about engaging with young people and creative expression, it’s a brilliant opportunity for the young people to work together on their Community Challenge.” Said Rawffest administrator, Naz Syed.

Report by Isobel Cole

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