On Stage: The Sleeping Beauty by English Youth Ballet, New Theatre, Cardiff

There were approximately 100 talented children from the South Wales area on stage in the New Theatre on Friday night performing with the English Youth Ballet. The English Youth Ballet was set up in 1998 to give young dancers more opportunities to perform in a full length classical ballet within a professional setting. 

The ballet tells the story of Sleeping Beauty, who is cursed to fall asleep when she hurt her finger.  While the principal roles were played by the professionals from the English Youth Ballet, all of the minor roles like guests, songbirds, monsters and friends are played by local children.

While it would be unfair to single out any particular child from the performance tonight it would also be very difficult to choose one as all the performances were excellent and there was not one child out of place all night. 

Adele Robbins danced beautifully as Aurora as well as Brendan Bratlic as Prince Alexander, but my favourite was Steven Wheeler as Aunt Carsboose who fully embodied the evil villain with his performance.  

If you are new to the genre of ballet, this ballet is a perfect first performance to see.

There’s a further chance to catch the ballet today with performances at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. For ticket details visit newtheatrecardiff.co.uk

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