Big Herb Hunt Brings Family Fun To Shopping Trip

Andy Howells family add some fun to their shopping trip when visiting McArthur Glen’s Designer outlet in Bridgend over the summer holidays.

Forget Pokemon Go!, when it comes to fun pastimes for the kids, The Big Herb Hunt, taking place daily at McArthur Glen’s designer outlet at Bridgend is out there as a tried and tested success.

On a recent shopping trip, my boys took time out to discover their inner detectives, grab a magnifying glass, a trail sheet and head off around the shopping centre on the hunt for a variety of herbs.

Educational, inspirational and fun, The Big Herb Hunt is the ultimate interactive activity in touch, looking and smelling as children identify the herbs strategically placed in boxes around the centre.

I was certainly impressed with how something so simple could prove to be so much fun not only for the boys but also myself, and certainly added a highlight to what could have been a rather dull shopping experience for “back to school” essentials on a long warm summers day.

The Big Herb Hunt is one of many Festival of Summer events taking place at the shopping centre in coming weeks. For further details visit

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