Judith Owen To Play Cardiff Date

US based singer-songwriter Judith Owen will return to her homeland of Wales this November to perform songs from her new album Somebody’s Child.

The albums title track took inspiration from a real-life occurrence. “I was in New York, in the middle of winter” recalls Judith, “I saw this beautiful young woman, about nine months pregnant, barefoot in the snow, wearing a trash bag that was all she had, stomach out and in a state. I was crossing the street, with everybody else, trying to avoid her, when I thought, “That’s somebody’s child, and if my life had been different, that could have been me.  Or any of us! We’re all so dehumanized, and this whole record is about reconnecting with our humanity, really seeing what’s around us, discarding, even if it is just for a moment, our constant state of denial.”

The upcoming video for Somebody’s Child will be supporting and raising awareness for two charities: Hello Humankindness and My Friend’s Place , both having the major premise to shelter the homeless.

Somebody’s Child follows on from Judith’s 2014 release, Ebb and Flow, and also features her rendition of the Roxy Music classic, More Than This.  


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