Maggies Plan Unfolds At Newport Riverfront

The American romantic comedy-drama, Maggies Plan written and directed by Rebecca Miller, comes to Newport Riverfront next week.

The film tells the story of Maggie Harden (Greta Gerwig), a University Head of Art and Design who decides she wants to have a baby.  She then falls in love with an anthropologist called John (Ethan Hawke), who happens to be married and ultimately destroys his volatile marriage to Georgette (Julianne Moore). Maggie soon realises she could have her happily ever after with the man of her dreams.

Fast forward three years later and Maggie repeatedly has to put her professional goals on hold to take care of their daughter Lily and her two step-children as John is selfish and puts himself first.  It is then that Maggie realises that maybe her relationship with John was a mistake and his ex-wife Georgette is the one he really belongs with.  

Maggie’s Plan (15) will be showing at The Riverfront from Monday September 5 to 7 at 7.45pm. For ticket details call 01633 656679 or visit the Riverfront website.

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