Sam Bailey To Launch New album With Signing Session

FORMER X Factor winner Sam Bailey will coincide the release of her second album Sing My Heart Out next week with a personal appearance at HMV, Queens Street, Cardiff.

Sam will be giving fans a unique chance to buy a signed copy of the album when she appears at the store.

Sam has collaborated with a number of industry professionals for the album including composer Steve Dorff, former A1 band member and singer/songwriter Ben Adams and songwriter Shelly Poole. 

“For me there’s nothing worse than an album where every song is the same,” she says “which is why I have created such an eclectic mix of genres for Sing My Heart Out. There are slow songs, ballads, dance tracks, middle of the range and poppy tracks – I call it, ‘Sam Bailey’s Mixed Bag. My fans range from children to the elderly so with such a wide range of fans I have taken a huge amount of care to create an album that not only provides something for everyone but is also proof of my versatility in the industry.”

The album can be pre-ordered from and each album pre-order comes with an exclusive download of Sun Above the Clouds. Sam will make her personal appearance at HMV at 5.30pm on September 20.

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