Art Course Commences At Chepstow Museum

Chepstow Museum brings a new opportunity to study some of the greatest painters of the western world today, in its autumn art appreciation class, From Subtlety to Shock: The Art of the High Renaissance.

The course of ten new classes looks at the moment when art blossoms from the radical changes of the Early Renaissance into something much more subtle and sophisticated. Students can explore the lifelike portraiture of Northern European artists such as Holbein who came to England to paint the Tudor Court, and some of the first, fascinating pure landscapes. There will also be opportunity to examine why painters of the sixteenth century increasingly set out to shock and confuse their audience with strange distortions and weird subject matter, moving from Michelangelo’s monumental figures to the mysterious Madonna of the Long Neck to a dramatic ceiling painting that one cleric called a “mess of frogs legs”!

Whether you would like to extend your knowledge of art history or are new to the subject, Monmouthshire lecturer Eleanor Bird will guide you through magnificent art in an entertaining and informative way. There is no homework, just a chance to enjoy and appreciate these paintings with new understanding.

Classes are held at the Drill Hall, Chepstow, and run from 2pm-4pm on Monday afternoons from 19th September. Please contact the Museum to book a place or organise a taster session by telephoning 01291 625981 Or