The Lottery Winners Strike Jackpot With New Record Deal

Indie pop band The Lottery Winners have really hit the jackpot with a good turn of fortune.

The band, who hail from Salford, recently held a successful Pledge Music campaign, for their EP The Meaning Of Life, hitting their target within three days, the story doesn’t end there however as Joe Singleton of the band tells Andy Howells “Since we released this, we managed to  get a major record deal with Warner Brothers! So now we’re working on our debut album, which is all very exciting. We’re also working with Danton Supple, who has produced loads of massive bands such as Coldplay and Morrissey! 

The band are now headlining their own UK tour which comes to Cardiff’s Glee Club this evening (September 20). “We’re all buzzing for it!” says Joe “Being away from home and living in the van and hotels is something we’ve always wanted to do. We’re also playing in places that we’ve never hit before so we’re looking forward to having an explore”

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