Coming of Age Drama at The Riverfront

Alun Saunders’ funny and moving play, A Good Clean Heart, continues its run at Newport Riverfront this evening.

A Good Clean Heart is a moving coming-of-age story about two brothers raised by different families, speaking different languages and asks whether the love between two siblings raised in different cultures can overcome their differences.

The story follows Hefin, whom, having suppressed any desire to know more about his early life, before he was adopted, on his 18th birthday discovers not only that has a sibling, but that he wasn’t, as he’d always believed, born in Wales. On a defiant whim, Hefin takes a trip to meet his long-lost big brother, and crash-lands in a totally alien universe, just two hours down the M4.

Directed by Mared Swain, and with animated subtitles in both English and Welsh, A Good Clean Heart is a co-production between Neontopia, a new writing company providing a platform for bilingual writers in Wales and The Wales Millennium Centre.

Contact 01633 656679 or visit for booking information.

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