Confession Inspires Theatre Show

New writing company Invisible Ink, have spent the past two years carefully collecting personal stories for their new show The Terrible Things I’ve Done.  Audiences at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, next week can hear stories that range from the awkward to the downright heart-breaking, as the production navigates human’s fallible nature.

The audience’s experiences are integral to the production, so much so that Invisible Ink are offering the opportunity for audiences to unburden themselves via their “confession booth” which will be available in the foyer before and after the show.

“We are not afraid to work across many different mediums to find the best way to tell a story” says Director, Sita Calvert-Ennals, “The Terrible Things I’ve Done came about by looking at themes we care about. We were interested in questions around forgiveness and judgement.”

Writer Alan Harris continues, “We collected stories from many different people in many different places, always giving the assurance of anonymity. Working with such source material there is a responsibility, not so much to the words themselves but to the spirit of the stories. As a writer it’s not my place to judge but, and this is important, you can’t be so fair-handed in writing the script that it takes away the impact of the stories.”

The Terrible Things I’ve Done runs at Chapter Arts Centre from October 5-8. Visit for further details.

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