Meet The Band: Marianas Trench

Vancouver based rockers Marianas Trench are currently touring the UK for the first time in support of their fourth studio album Astoria and will play an already sold out show at Cardiff Globe on October 4. Andy Howells recently put questions to guitarist Matt Webb.

How did you guys come together as a band?
Josh (Ramsay) and I are ol’ chums from high school, we sat beside each other in the school jazz band.  Mike and Ian are ol’ chums from their early waiter/bartender days. Together we make Marianas Trench. 

Where did the band name come from?
It’s a slang term for a rototiller. 

Can you give us a bit of background about your latest album?
It’s our favourite album to date, certainly the most emotional and lyrically candid work we’ve done. You’ll hear a strong 80’s influence with sneaky references to many of our favourite 80’s bands. 

You’re visiting the UK as part of your tour – are you looking forward to coming over here?
Absolutely! Just arrived today!! Jet-lagged  but already soaking up the culture… and by that, I mean drinking scotch in Aberlour. 

Cardiff has already sold out, what can those lucky enough to attend expect from the show?
Tight pants and a wide stance x4. We’re pretty damn excited to be here, any time you can come to a country where you’ve never played, and sell out the show… that is very special. We’re truly blessed to have such amazing fans and we’ll make sure to be at our best for them. 

Beyond the tour, what else have you got planned for the year ahead?
Just got a brand new puppy named Fred, so I’ll be spending my time at home making sure he’s not eating my leather boots. 

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