Feeder Go All Bright Electric – Grant Nicholas Interview

“There’s a really good vibe in the Feeder camp at the moment,” Grant Nicholas tells Andy Howells as they discuss Feeder’s new album and current tour, “It feels like there’s a real spark. I’m not saying we feel like a new band but we feel fresh and it feels good to be like that.”

The Newport band was formed by Grant, Taka Hirose and the late Jon Lee in 1996, their debut EP Swim was followed by several Top 40 hits including Just The Way I’m Feeling, Just A Day and Buck Rogers amassing over 5 million record sales along with 3 Platinum and 2 Gold Albums.

Following eight albums, both Grant and Taka took a break from the band. While Taka returned to Japan to work on several projects, Grant took time out to record an acoustic album, Yorktown Heights.

“It was a really enjoyable period,” he says, “It gave me a bit of head space. I did bring a bit of the process I used to work on my solo record to the new Feeder record and I think had I not done that, we wouldn’t have made what we have now.”

The inspiration for the album title, All Bright Electric, came from Grant spotting the words in lights on a building as he was given a lift along the Freeway to New York airport. “I just love that title,” he says, “Coming from a very acoustic project back to an electric sound; it felt like it was a very good title for the album.”

Feeder will play several tracks from All Bright Electric, including their new single Eskimo, when they play Cardiff’s Tramshed on October 19. Feeder now consists of five band members for the live shows and Grant is keen that fans experience the bands fresh live sound at full capacity.

“We don’t want to use backing tracks as we’re not comfortable with that,” he continues, “I want it to be free and different every night. We just did a Festival where we did Eskimo, High and some of the big radio hits like Just a Feeling. It actually worked really well, its still Feeder, Its still loud and its still got the dynamics. I think this tour will be a mixture of “hey we’ve got some really good music and we’ve got a really good album, you’ll hear some new stuff, some of the hits and some of the old ones. That’ll tick the boxes for now and we’ll see how it moves forward.”

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