Honne Prepare For Bristol Date

Following the recent release of their debut album, Warm On A Cold Night, HONNE will be playing Bristol’s Trinity Centre as part of their current UK tour on October 23.

Consisting of singer Andy and multi-instrumentalist James, the origins of HONNE lie in the Japanese word meaning ‘True Feelings’ (it’s often twinned with ‘tatemae’, roughly translated as the contrasting behaviour or opinions you display in public). It was this fascination with Japan that offered the pair an early porthole into how to transmit their most personal moments into music.

Andy and James own backgrounds, were far less culturally exotic: having met on the first day of University, the pair had unknowingly grown up around 45 minutes from another in the South West. “On your first day at college,” says James “you arrive nerve-wracked about what’s going to happen. Am I going to make any friends? Will they be alright? I instantly knew Andy was sound. He played me a whole album he’d written and put up on online. It was more developed than anything I’d heard from anyone my age.”

The first song HONNE ever finished, Warm On A Cold Night, now titles their debut album and the soulful duo have since carved out an instantly-identifiable sound of their own.