Lifes Far From A Drag As Music Hall Tavern Visits Wales

The Music Hall Tavern theatre show comes to Cwmbran’s Congress Theatre on October 29 and a limited number of seats are still available.

Billed as The Funniest Night Out of the Year, the family themed musical drag review has been playing in the Canary Islands for more than 20 years and has established itself as a firm favourite with UK visitors.

The  show, boasts lavishly dazzling costumes and features the Showcase International Dancers along with live singing, comedy sketches and the music of Take That, Abba, Freddie Mercury, and Riverdance, anong others.

Many of the show’s fans, who range in age from nine to 99, go back year after year and demand from the UK led to the launch of an annual British tour back in 2012.

Founder, producer and lead cast member Paul Carroll says, “It’s a real feel good show that entertains people of all ages and leaves them wanting more.”

For ticket details visit

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