The Football Ramble Score With Live Show

Four of the liveliest football commentators The Football Ramble are currently stepping out of the world of podcasting, celebrating the release of their first book.

The Football Ramble podcast emerged from London towards the end of 2007 as a genuinely refreshing football voice, and quickly established itself as one of the most influential and entertaining shows about the world’s most popular sport. Multi-award-winning, it is now a must-listen for any discerning fan who enjoys the more entertaining side of the game.

Guaranteed to be both surreal and enlightening in equal measure The Football Ramble’s Marcus, Luke, Pete and Jim will continue to deconstruct football in their own witty style when they appear at Cardiff’s Glee Club on November 6.

Regular fans will know to expect the weird and the wonderful as the quartet bring many of the features that have made their show so successful to life for the live show.

Tickets are available from while the book The Football Ramble is now available from Century in hardback, digital and audio formats.