Meet The Artist: Lissie

American singer-songwriter Lissie plays Cardiff’s Glee Club on December 11 in support of her new live acoustic album, Live at Union Chapel. The record features 13, solo, acoustic tracks recorded at London’s Union Chapel last year, including a special cover of Joni Mitchell’s River.

Andy Howells recently spoke to Lissie about the new album and tour.

Do you enjoy touring and meeting fans in other countries?
Yes I love it! It’s a really unique and special kind of weird life to live!

Tell us about your new live album?
I did a solo acoustic tour last year and recorded my London Union Chapel gig. I loved how raw it was and how the recording turned out! It’s a collection of songs – old and new. I just really like those who are paying attention loaded up with new goodies.

Are there any particular standout tracks for you on the live release, that say might not usually get released on a studio album?
I covered Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ – it’s a holiday song in a way and while melancholic, it’s just a really beautiful tune. It’s my favourite from the live album and I’m hoping people listen to it this time of year.

What can fans expect from the forthcoming UK live shows?
I’m doing an acoustic duo tour with a lead guitar player and it’s been nice to have space for my voice, while having lead lines to fill the spaces and reflect recordings. There’s a lot of energy and it’s good fun! I talk a lot and get a little banter going with the crowd, I drink wine and tell stories, and it all feels very casual and friendly.

Beyond the tour what else do you have planned?
I’m going to take time off to settle into my new home and also writing and recording new songs to hopefully be released next year.

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