Book Review: Private Eye Annual 2016, Edited by Ian Hislop

The big question of 2016 is do you want to LEAVE the bookshop with a collection of sketches, topical cartoons and political parodies or would you rather REMAIN in the humour selection in a state of apprehension wondering if such a book can really deliver its manifesto?

This year’s Private Eye annual coincides with the magazines 55th anniversary and Ian Hislop’s 30th anniversary in the editor’s chair, but alas there is no time to stop and be celebratory in a time where the Brexit campaign, a British Prime Minister’s departure and the ongoing battle between two candidates for the US presidency are under scrutiny. Private Eye gets under the jargon and spin and delivers a volume of its own humorous take of the worlds events.

It’s not all politics though. No tabloid newspaper, media commentator or sporting event goes unnoticed as a flurry of well observed jokes and satirical references are collected over 96 pages to bid 2016 a not-so-fond farewell. It’s often been said that in times of crisis the British are good at laughing at themselves, so don’t LEAVE the bookshop without this years Private Eye collection.

Andy Howells

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