Musical Play Addresses Violence And Declares Enough Is Enough

Be Aware Productions debut tour production Enough is Enough is to open with a preview performance at Newport’s Barnabas Arts House on January 24.

Written by Meltem Arikan and directed by Memet Ali Alabora, with music by Maddie Jones, Enough is Enough includes four female cast members who act as members of a band. The cast include; Maddie Jones, Pınar Öğün, Francesca Dimech and Emma Daman Thomas. The gritty production, which is formed as a gig, tells the stories of real people who have experienced sexual violence, through song and dark humour.

 “The aim of this production is to show audiences how these issues are part of each and every one of our lives and that these things can happen to anyone,” says author Meltem Arika, “Using the means of theatre, music, dance, humour and surprise, we want to create at least a small feeling of awareness, a ‘what if’ moment in the audience that these issues are not far from all of us, and that we often, rather unconsciously, ignore the traumas being experienced around us.”

Following each performance, a Shout It All Out Session will be held, where the audience will have a chance to respond to the play’s themes, raise questions, and discuss how to take action themselves. Enough is Enough aims to start a national conversation about sexual violence and the issues raised in the production.

Following its Newport debut, the show will travel to 23 other locations across Wales in a space of a month. A special performance will then follow at Cardiff’s Wales Millennium Centre on April 8 where the cast and crew will also share their experiences of the whole tour.

  • Tickets for Enough is Enough can be obtained from
  • The Enough is Enough band have also released a self-titled debut single from the show, which is available to buy from the show website –
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