Mark Thomas To Take Red Shed Show To Cardiff

Mark Thomas brings his Red Shed tour to Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre on February 15.

The comic recently made time to travel back and forth to his university town of Wakefield and to the place where his comedy career all began; the Red Shed, a labour club, home to his first public performances as well as the beginnings of his political awakening.

Mark recently told Andy Howells that the structure of his shows are never set in stone, “The show is always written at the last minute so it is very up to date. I have never performed the same show twice. I always improvise and ad lib, so the show is naturally updated.”

He continues “What is really great about doing the show is that I love making people laugh, taking them on a journey and making them cry. I love making people laugh at things they did not think they would laugh at and creating a show that speaks to working class audiences.”

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