Best Of Both Worlds In Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac return to St David’s Hall on January 25 to celebrate nearly five decades of iconic music.

Named after the 1977 classic album Rumours, the group has the official seal of approval from Fleetwood Mac’s founding member Mick Fleetwood. The tribute bands current show, Hits to Blues promises to give fans the unique opportunity to rediscover the huge hits and hidden gems that made Fleetwood Mac one of the most beloved bands of all-time.

The show will be split into two sets with Peter Green’s version of the Mac in the spotlight for the first half with masterpieces such as Albatross, Oh Well and Man of the World. The second half will include a selection of hits including Rhiannon, Don’t Stop, You Make Loving Fun and Seven Wonders.

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