Get In Touch With Volente’s New Album

Touch, the new album by Wales based singer/songwriter Volenté will be released on January 27.

Growing up in South Africa, Volente’s first foray into modern music was at the age of 17 when she joined avant-garde metal/rock band Stalin. Relocating to the UK in the 1990s, Volenté worked as a session singer at London’s Berwick Street Studio before moving to Cardiff and immersing herself in the South Wales music scene.

Her music CV was expanded with many eclectic and diverse performances from MC’ing with Ninjah & Jah Scouse and appearing on MC Mabon’s hip-hop Mr Blaidd.

Combining multi-layered ethereal sounds with bitter-sweet vocal delivery, Volenté has worked hard to produce an album that reflects where she is at as an artist now.

“It’s about falling in and out of love, the ups and downs experienced in relationships,” says Volenté of Touch, “it’s about cutting through the pain and the challenges”.