CD Review: Touch – Volente


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Cardiff based Singer/songwriter Volente but here we are entering 2017 with eight brand new tracks combining multi layered instrumentation, melodic ambience and beautiful vocal delivery.

The opening track’s title, She’s So Bored may lull you into a false sense of what’s to come, as the album is a document of Volente brimming with passion for her music and art.

While Dirty Tricks has anthemic qualities, Screaming shows an almost softer spiritual side to Volente’s talent. There’s a feel-good positive air to Falling into Place while the hypnotic middle eastern vibes of Baby Baby and In Your Arms Tonight, could well find themselves taking on a stronger presence in the coming months should a club DJ or movie soundtrack producer get hold of them.

Never holding back in experimenting with sound and painting a rich colourful soundscape for the listener to enjoy and savour, Touch is the perfect introduction to Volente and the first essential album release of 2017.

Andy Howells

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