CD Review: The First Of A Million Kisses (Expanded Edition) – Fairground Attraction (Cherry Red)

Fairground Attraction
First Of A Million Kisses: Expanded Edition
(Cherry Red)

28 years on from its initial release, Fairground Attraction’s Brit Award winning The First Of A Million Kisses gets an expanded 2 CD reissue.

Featuring the song writing talents of Mark Nevin and beautiful vocals of Eddi Reader, the album remains a delightful fusion of folk and jazz. Still sounding fresh and raw with an energy that showed promise of a band destined for great things. Little did we know however that those great things would be successful solo careers.

The expanded release is a celebration of Fairground Attraction, revisiting the initial album release along with single B Sides, demos, live tracks and 10 album cuts for the bands aborted second album.

From the blissful simplicity of A Smile In a Whisper to the uplifting Allelujah, the release is a perfect opportunity for those who own the original album to revisit an old friend with welcome extras such as covers of Sam Cooke’s You Send Me and The Beatles’ Do You Want To Know A Secret. 

As definitive as any Fairground Attraction release will get, this is an ideal companion for any solo release by either Eddi Reader or Mark Nevin.

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