So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs? – Ben Garrod Does!

All the things you thought you knew about dinosaurs are probably wrong, or at least that’s what visitors to a brand-new family show presented by Ben Garrod visits Newport Riverfront on February 11.

Myths of dinosaurs been green and scaly will be dispelled as TV presenter and scientific expert Ben Garrod presents  So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs? a hands-on, fantastic fun-filled trip out for the whole family, giving children the chance to shout out what they already know and discover new strange Dino sights and sounds.

From the longest, to the smallest, the tallest to the shortest, creepiest to cutest, Ben will have kids’ heads spinning with weird and wonderful stats and facts. Andy Howells recently put questions to Ben about the show.

Tell us about your forthcoming show So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs?
This is a really exciting show both for kids and the whole family and it’s hopefully going to show us lots of new things that most people didn’t know about dinosaurs. We think we have a pretty good understanding of what a dinosaur is, what they looked like, what they sounded like and what they ate, but we’re so wrong and there’s so much more about them than we thought possible. And this is where the tour title ‘So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs?’ really comes into play.

It’s probably true to say we are discovering more about dinosaurs all the time and maybe no more now than we did 40 years ago. What have been the most popular misconceptions?
I think the biggest misconception is what they looked like. We have this idea they were these big lumbering, scaly green things, tails dragging along the floor but without giving too much away, we know they’ve gone through a massive makeover in the last few years. So be prepared for these dazzling bright, feathered, agile animals.

I find my children probably know more about dinosaurs than me – so is this new show going to be educational for the whole family?
This show will definitely appeal to kids and kids love to be experts in science and dinosaurs are definitely one of these areas. But the fun thing is, we’ve all grown up with dinosaurs on TV, in books, so there’s lots to learn for adults and kids alike.

When did your fascination/interest with dinosaurs start?
I am a very nerdy adult and was an even nerdier child and my fascination with science and dinosaurs started when I was about four or five. I can still remember being on a beach in Norfolk with my mum and dad and we found a tiny fossil. When I found out this fossil was over 200 million years old it blew my mind and it was something as little as that which started off my geeky love affair.

What’s your favourite dinosaur fact?
It’s hard to say what my favourite dinosaur fact is, but there is one dinosaur character that I can guarantee almost nobody will know about and it’s a weird, bizarre, unusual relative of the T. Rex. You’ll have to come to the show to find out who.

Do you have a favourite dinosaur and if so why?
It’s hard to say my favourite dinosaur. I think Dippy from the Natural History Museum has always been one of my favourites. But I think in terms of dinosaurs themselves I think probably … actually no, I’m going to say no. I don’t have a favourite, they’re all quite cool in different ways.

What can families expect when they visit the show?
Expect the unexpected. This is a fun, entertaining and engaging show where I am giving kids and adults the opportunity to really show how much they know, but also tell them all the things they had no idea about before. There’ll be props on stage, videos, Q&A’s throughout and more than anything, lots of fun.

  • So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs? Takes place at Newport Riverfront on February 11. Visit for ticket details.
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