Free Workshops For Earth Hour

Ahead of the Earth Hour celebration on March 25, WWF Cymru will run a series of free workshops, hosted by artist Lulu Quinn focussing on solutions for climate change while discussing different issues and problem solving.

Participants will have an opportunity to make a personal written or drawn statement which will be used to create an 8 metre Message in a bottle illuminated sculpture to be installed outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.  All of the messages will form a powerful, collective and urgent requested from the people of Wales to Welsh politicians and the world that national and global action is required on climate change.

There will also be an opportunity to help Lulu construct a section of the sculpture from bamboo and plastic bottles.  The workshop is free and materials will be provided, but if participants can bring along an empty plastic bottle that would be much appreciated!

The 2 hour workshops take place on February 25 at The Drill Hall, Chepstow from 10-12 Noon and Monmouth Museum from 2-4pm

  • Spaces are limited, so book a free place by phoning Chepstow Museum 01291 625981 for the morning workshop or Monmouth Museum 01600 710630 for the afternoon workshop
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