CD Review: Well I Ask You (The Complete 60s Recordings) by Eden Kane

Eden Kane – Well I Ask You
The Complete 60s Recordings

Richard Starstedt was the first of three brothers (the others been Peter and Robin) to crack the UK charts back in 1961. Richard of course was better known as pre-Beatles teen idol Eden Kane whose hits included Boys Cry, Ain’t That Funny, Get Lost and the chart topper Well I Ask You,.

Although Kane’s career was eclipsed by the beat-boom of 1963 there is a lot of strong material featured on The Complete 60s Recordings. While Have I Done Something Wrong? easily stands up against any of Elvis gospel material, standards such as I (Who Have Nothing) and On Broadway demonstrate how Kane had the ability to make a familiar song his own and secure a stable career as a touring performer through to the present day.

Andy Howells

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