International Women’s Day Events at Newport Riverfront

On March 8 from 10am until 7pm, The Riverfront will be taking part in International Women’s Day celebrations and playing host to inspirational guest speakers, films, performances, workshops and demonstrations to celebrate women and their achievements.

The Women’s Equality network will host a discussion panel consisting of inspirational women in leadership roles, performance artist Liz Clarke will present a Super Hero after Ego workshop and comedian Grainne Maguire will be on hand in the evening to add a smile to the proceedings.

Timetable of events:
10am-12pm – Activities for school groups
12pm – Event Launch
12pm-5pm – Music, activities and workshops.
2pm-3pm – Liz Clarke’s Super Hero Alter Ego workshop.
5pm-6pm – Panel Discussion hosted by Women’s Equality Network.
7.45pm – Comedian Grainne Maguire.
The International Women’s Day daytime activities are all free, although tickets need to be booked for Liz Clarke’s Super Hero Alter Ego workshop.
Tickets for the comedian Grainne Maguire are £13, Reductions £11

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