Tin Shed To Present Free Workshops Based On Intergenerational Storytelling

Newport based Tin Shed Theatre Co. are looking for participants for their next project. Looking to bring together teenagers and older people, they will be hosting a series of free workshops focused on intergenerational story telling.

“We all love listening to and telling stories, whether they’re classics, anecdotes, jokes or things that have happened to us,” says Justin Cliffe of Tin Shed, “They have the ability to unite us, no matter who we are, through common interests, passions and experience. When we tell, and listen to stories we share a perspective on humanity for a brief moment in time. This is what we really want to explore, and bring together people who exist within two fringes of society.”

Tin Shed will host free workshops at Barnabas Arts HouseTin Shed will host free workshops at Barnabas Arts House

Tin Shed will host free workshops at Barnabas Arts House

Hosting free workshops; the company aim to bring together a group of young people aged between 11-16 and older people aged 50+ for two days of relaxed, fun and creative story telling workshops that will see participants sharing, writing and concocting their own stories together, with the hopes of sharing them with the public.

The theatre company are currently looking for anyone who meets the above criteria who may be interested in participating in two days of workshops followed by an open sharing with the public.

  • The workshops are free and take place at Barnabas Art House, Newport on March 18 from 12pm to 4pm and March 19 from 2pm – 6pm while there will be a time of sharing at the evening from 6pm-8pm.
  • The scheme is supported by Newport Live, Barnabas Arts House and The Riverfront.
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