Hawkwind’s Dave Brock Talks About Playing South Wales Show

47 years on from their debut release Space Rock Legends Hawkwind are still going strong and bring their psychedelic stage show to Newport Neon on March 18. “We’ll be doing some tracks from the new album, Into the Woods and some of the old stuff as well,” founder member Dave Brock tells Andy Howells, “We’ve got a tour lined up in May which has quite a few dates, but before that we’re doing Newport, then the prog festival in North Wales and then Leeds university, three that weekend!”

Hawkwind and Dave Brock are no strangers to South Wales having played several venues over the decades, perhaps most memorably supporting Welsh rockers Man back in the early 70s. Dave maintains that the band, who have released over 50 albums, have never tired of touring, “If it’s comfortable it’s alright,” says Dave, “normally we get a tour bus that’s comfortable and it’s not so bad. At the end of the day we’re trying to enjoy ourselves and entertain everybody. You can’t just go on the stage, be like a zombie and look grim.”

In recent years Hawkwind’s line-up has mixed long-time members with new musicians, a formula which Dave feels keeps the band sounding fresh.” We’ve got our young bass player, Haz (Wheaton) who joined the band, he’s made Richard (Chadwick) and I play better than we did before. We’ve got a different keyboard player, Magnus, and we’ve got (former Hawkwind member) Tim Blake doing a guest performance on these next three dates as well.”

Fans can expect a mixture of new tracks and Hawkwind classics from the forthcoming Neon show combined with lighting effects. Dave continues “A lot of fans want us to do the old numbers and when we’ve stopped doing them we tend to get it on Facebook, “Why aren’t they playing some of the old songs”. So, we appease our fans and do a bit of both. There’s so many to select from now, we’ve got a reasonable selection for the next three gigs we’re going to do.”

  • For ticket details visit seetickets.com/event/hawkwind/the-neon/1048149/ or call 01633 533666
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