Mysterious Marti Pellow Talks New Album And Tour

Pop icon Marti Pellow will perform songs from his new album, Mysterious when his UK tour reaches Wales Millennium Centre on March 19.
The new album was recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles and features long term collaborator Grant Mitchell, the legendary Tower Of Power horn section and Stevie Wonder’s rhythm section who’ve also worked with musicians as diverse as Quincy Jones. Michael Jackson, The Crusaders and Elton John. Andy Howells recently put questions to Marti.

You’re back out on the road with a solo album. Do you still enjoy performing live, particularly when you have new material?
Yes – it’s brilliant I love going back out on the road, particularly with new material – and I can’t wait to do it – it’s my day job you know….

Where does the title Mysterious come from?
Well it comes from a song on the album, where we were exploring the mysterious ways that love works – like the Bible says: God works in mysterious ways – well we thought it’s so true of love – how relationships can feel pre-ordained, you’re being led along a path to the one you love

Marti Pellow's new album, MysteriousMarti Pellow's new album, Mysterious

Marti Pellow’s new album, Mysterious

You got to work with some great musicians on the release how did you pull them all together?
I put a wish list together of some of the greatest musicians who have played on some of the most important albums made in the last 30 or 40 years – musicians who’s music has meant so much to me – and we then hit the phones – and somewhere between serendipity and a lot of goodwill – and their belief in the songs we presented to them – everyone we asked signed up! It was pretty amazing.

You recorded the album in Los Angeles, do you visit there often and do you find it’s a great place to be when recording an album?
LA’s a great place to work – it’s a mecca for songwriters and artists – it’s so prolific with talent, ideas, possibilities and has it’s own unstoppable creative energy – so that things happen there – you get a great sense of connection with the music industry – and I just thrive off that.

Obviously it’s a solo tour but will there be more from Wet Wet Wet in the future?
I’d like to think so

You’re usually very busy having starred in stage shows, working with the Wets and doing your solo recordings and tours. When do you find time to relax and do you have a pastime you can really chill out too?
I’m very aware of how important having a balance between my career and my life is – it might look as if I’m always working – but I really don’t see it that way – I’ve always dovetailed my career into my real life – not the other way round.

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