Shappi Khorsandi Discusses Her Show : Oh My Country

Shappi Khorsandi heads to Monmouth Savoy this Saturday (March 18). Following a sold-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and autumn UK tour, Shappi, star of TVs Live At The Apollo and Q.I. celebrates the fortieth anniversary of her arrival in Britain with her latest show, Oh My Country.

Reclaiming patriotism, Shappi sends a love letter to her adopted land, handling subjects from Morris Dancing to Morrissey with a razor sharp wit, softened only by her deliciously mischievous delivery. Andy Howells recently put questions to Shappi about the show.

You’re heading back to South Wales with your new show can you tell us about it?
Yes! It’s a stand up show about how I’m English and not simply ‘British’. It’s the sort of show that was made to be seen in Wales

Its 40 years since you arrived in Britain, does this hint that you get nostalgic British culture?
I don’t feel nostalgic as I’m here! There are things I’m sad we are losing though, like pub culture. A round can bankrupt you in some places!

Have you ever attempted Morris Dancing and do you listen to Morrissey?
I’ve joined a Morris dance as a guest and yes, what 80s child with a mild personality disorder DOESN’T listen to Morrissey?

The comedy scene in Britain has changed quite considerably over the last 40 years, can you single out a comedy act that has had a major influence or inspired you and why?
I’m inspired all the time by acts I see. Often acts that aren’t famous or on TV. The ones who are able to be truly honest without pomposity and who are smart but remain completely silly.

If you hadn’t got into comedy what do you think you would have become?
An out of work trapeze artist.

Who or what makes you laugh most?
My son and daughter. He is rapid fire wit, she is a clown.

What else are you working on at the moment?
My hair. After my stint as Taylor Swift on Comic Relief I’m on a slow route to becoming blonde.

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