In Concert: Hawkwind, The Neon, Newport

HawWith one foot in 60s psychedelic rock and the other in epic soundscapes, Hawkwind, featuring founder member Dave Brock, brought their latest show to Newport’s Neon on Saturday evening.

Performing against a backdrop light show, the band, featuring Mr Dibs on lead vocals, delivered a two hour plus set covering several classics from the bands 47 year back catalogue.

In attendance were a 700 strong Newport fan base from teenagers to seniors who all wanted a stab of space-rock action. They wouldn’t be disappointed either as the band launched the show into first gear with mammoth renditions of Warrior on The Edge of Time, Utopia and Steppenwolf.

Clearly in tune with each other and their audience, Hawkwind themselves were having a great time on stage too. As Mr Dibs lead with charismatic vocals, guitarist Haz Wheaton treat the band to several energetic guitar solos while duetting guitar licks with Dave Brock.  Drummer Richard Chadwick with second keyboard player Magnus piloted the shows belting beat from the rear, divebombing classic material into the present with songs from 2015’s The Machine Stops and forthcoming release Into The Woods.

After 90 minutes and an outstanding rendition of Shot Down in The Night, the band proceeded to encore with the rock n roll vibes of Brainbox Pollution, the belting Lost In Science and the classic Silver Machine before coming into land at just after 11pm.

A triumph of a gig for band and audience alike, the gig certainly proved why Hawkwind continue to be a popular draw on the live circuit around the world.

Andy Howells