Naomi Wilkinson Discusses Wild and Scary Show

Children’s TV presenter Naomi Wilkinson will recall some of her most exciting and adrenaline boosting wildlife experiences from the far flung corners of the world when her new theatre show Wild and Scary comes to St David’s Hall in April.

Naomi will be joined on stage by ‘Animal Mark’ (Zoologist BSc and lifelong naturalist, Mark Amey), and some of his scariest creatures.
Ideal for families with children aged 5 years or older, Wild & Scary will keep everyone on the edge of their seats as Naomi takes them on a tour of the world. From Borneo, to Belize, Africa to Australia, she and Mark will be spilling secrets and astounding kids with their adventures from all over the planet. Naomi and Mark will be joined on stage by some of the scariest animals they’ve met on their travels, giving the audience an incredible interactive experience unheard of in traditional theatre shows. Andy Howells recently put questions to Naomi.

Naomi WilkinsonNaomi Wilkinson

Naomi Wilkinson

You started out as a children’s presenter on Channel 5 yet your presenting jobs have got more daring and scary over the years – is this a challenge you’ve embraced?
Absolutely. As a child I always wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter as I used to watch the likes of Peter Duncan and Yvette Fielding taking on loads of daring challenges and doing activities that seemed super scary yet at the same time, really fun. So when I was given the opportunity to have a go myself, I leapt at the chance. And then they told me I was going to have to go swimming with sharks and I suddenly lost my nerve!

What’s your favourite scary creature fact?
Hard to pick my favourite as there are so many great ones. But there is a small frog that I met during the last series of Nightmares of Nature that lives in the rainforest of Brazil, known as Bruno’s casque-headed frog, which has spines capable of producing venom 25 times more potent than the pitvipers!

Naomi's Wild and Scary ShowNaomi's Wild and Scary Show

Naomi’s Wild and Scary Show

What can families expect from Wild & Scary?
It is going to be a really fun and entertaining show, with plenty of audience participation (you will not be asked to hold any animals, don’t worry) and a few other surprises along the way. ‘Animal Mark’ will be bringing along some of his most scary creatures that might have some of the audience squirming in their seats! But you will learn some incredible facts about lots of awesome animals and we’ll endeavour to turn some of that fear in to fascination. The show is suitable for kids of all ages and guarantees a great time for the whole family.

  • Naomi’s Wild and Scary Tour comes to St David’s Hall, Cardiff on April 21 at 2.30pm For ticket details visit
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