42nd Street Stars Realise Their Dreams With Centrestage Cymru

Centrestage Cymru’s latest musical production 42nd Street takes to the stage of the Dolman Theatre next week.

One of showbusiness’s most classic and beloved tales, 42nd Street tells the story of Peggy Sawyer, a talented young performer with stars in her eyes who gets her big break on Broadway. Peggy’s rise from showgirl to star is the stuff of show business dreams.

Andy Howells recently asked performers of the Cenrestage Cymru cast about their showbusiness dreams.

Have you had a dream realised since becoming a performer and if so what is it?

Jordan Archer (Billy Lawlor) : Being part of the professional UK National Tour of Godspell was extremely special for me as it was the very first show we did as as Centrestage Cymru. It brought back such incredible memories and I remember feeling immense pride at what the group had achieved!

Becci Jarvis (Peggy Sawyer): Having the incredible opportunity to play so many dream roles through CSC especially Kathy Seldon in singing in the rain and Peggy Sawyer in 42nd street

Michael Vella (Pat Denning): I’ve always dreamt about being in a tap number and never thought I’d get that opportunity until 42nd Street.

Amy Cross (Diane Lorimer): My dream, which I love each time is when the opening music starts and the curtain goes up to see people watching us doing what we love on stage!

Sunniva Soltvedt (Chorus): It has been a dream to grow in confidence performing with everyone in CSC!!

Zoe Southcott (Lorraine Fleming): Seeing people in the audience uncontrollably laughing, some even to the point of tears, at me when I played ‘Grandma Addams'(The Addams Family) was a pretty big deal for me. I just love making people smile and laugh!

Hannah Spruce (Gladys): My dream was to be able to dance on stage and I have been lucky enough to be able to do that with people who have encouraged me the whole time.

Joseph Gibson (Julian Marsh): Being able to get back on to the stage and perform after years of playing football. Performing the lead role of Danny Zuko in Grease with Centrestage was a dream come true and a part I always wanted to play since I was a boy.

Michelle Meano (Maggie): I always had a dream to become a professional dancer as a child and was very lucky as that dream came true. However, I actually only do a total of approximately 4 steps in this show and am loving every minute of the rest! I cannot wait to bring this fantastic show to the Dolman audience!  

Fiona Davies (Chorus): My dream was just to perform in musicals. And I get to do that twice a year with a company that I love!

Karen Johns (Mac The Stage Manager): Well taking part in all the wonderful shows is a dream for me. Especially when I watched so many of them on the TV when I was growing up.

Isobel Godsell (Chorus): My dream is to be able to continue to perform with CSC

Luke Palfrey (Bert Barry): Playing Angel in Rent

Jordan Leigh (Chorus): One of my dream roles was to play was Roger in Grease and with CSC, that was made a reality and I’m so grateful for that!

Rebecca Hartland (Phyllis Dale): My dream is to carry on working with the amazing CentreStage Cymru cast and crew!!

Georgina Powell (Chorus): My dream is to continue to do shows with CS and continue to do what I love doing!

  • Tickets are available for the production which runs at Newport’s Dolman Theatre from April 26 – 29 by visiting dolmantheatre.co.uk
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