Katy Brand’s Teenage Christian Confessions

Actor, writer and comedian, Katy Brand will bring her new comedy show, I was a Teenage Christian, to Newport Riverfront on May 5.

The show recalls how Katy’s 13-year-old self, became a fundamentalist Christian after attending a local church service. For the next seven years, Katy attended church up to four times a week and put the ‘fun’ into fundamentalism… as well as the ‘mental’.

She describes the then-Katy as an obnoxious and self-important, but at least she knew she was going to heaven. Now she’s not so sure. In this honest, fascinating and hilarious performance, Katy will relive her glory days of certainty and judgement, whilst trying to figure out what the hell was going on in her own head.

  • The performance is recommended for ages 16+. Tickets will be priced at £14 and can be purchased from The Riverfront box office located on Kingsway, online at http://www.newportlive.co.uk/riverfront or simply by calling 01633 656757.
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