Talking Music with SaraBeth

Nashville Tennessee singer-songwriter SaraBeth is back at Cardiff’s Gwdihw Café on May 7.

SaraBeth has spent the last few years building up more than more than 160,000 fans on social Media platforms in both the UK and US alone, following the release of her songs I’m Sick Of It, Nowhere With You and That’s the Sound.

 Andy Howells recently caught up with SaraBeth to discuss the current UK tour.

You’re heading back to the UK for another tour – you must love visiting us over here?
Absolutely!  Some of the most loyal, encouraging fans are in the U.K.  We’ve really built something special, and really look forward to these tours!  

And returning to Cardiff? How did your last gig there go?  
Cardiff is such an amazing city.  We would always make a trip to Cardiff and we’re excited to finally put a show in last year!  It’s such a laid back, intimate venue.  Last time was great, and from the excitement on social media, this time will be even better!  

What can fans expect from the forthcoming show?
 We are changing things up a bit from our last UK Tour.  We brought the full band over with us in August.  This time we are doing a singer-songwriter style show.  We’ll be playing new songs too!

What have you been up to are you working on any new projects?  
I’ve been in the studio finishing up a new EP that should come out in 2017!  

What’s currently on your playlist and do you have a must-have track?  
Better Man by Little Big Town is one of my favourite tracks right now.  I’m also enjoying Church Clothes by Kelleigh Bannen.  Both of those are such amazing tunes.  

Where can fans find the latest news about you?  
Anything, everything, and more can be found at

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