CD Review: Paint and Paint (reissued and Expanded) – Haircut 100

Haircut 100’s fall from popularity came after a year of successful hit records, a top selling album Pelican West and the departure of their lead singer Nick Heyward in early 1983.

In 1984, the band comprising Graham Jones, Phil Smith, Les Nemes and Marc Fox produced a second album. Paint and Paint. Although the album didn’t capture the public’s imagination.

Haircut 100Haircut 100

Haircut 100

It retained the bands summery feel-good vibe of fast guitar licks and brass instruments on tracks such as Fish In a Bowl, Benefit of the Doubt and High Noon while Evil Smokest Acking Baby spotlights the bands instrumental talent.

The album now gets a deserved reissue from Cherry Red with extensive notes from Jones and a bonus CD of remixes and a rarely heard David Jensen session. Certainly, worth a long overdue reappraisal.

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